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Reflections on Literature, Life and the Imagination

29 March
I am a teacher of Literature in Sydney. I love bushwalking and am also a musican of sorts (play piano reasonably well, have a double bass that I am learning and have blown a saxophone in the past and played rythm guitar in the very distant past-Beatles/ Rolling Stones era!). I am married and have three children. My eldest son David (24) already has two children of his own. I blame him for making me into a premature Grandpa! (I actually love the role); My eldest daughter Hannah is 21 and is finding her direction in life. She hopes to work in Arts Management one day but is currently struggling with juggling a part-time job, full-time uni, a boy-friend and a very active social life! My youngest daughter Helen (14) is at Newtown Performing Arts High School. She is a pianist/cellist and loves singing. She is a great fan of Australian Idol (as I am with her!) and follows the fortunes of Guy Sebastian and Casey Donovan with enthusiasm. My wife is a part time rehabilitation nurse and loves her work with people (many young ones) who have REAL problems. We enjoy regenerating the bush around our house and finding strategies for keeping the hordes of Red-necked Wallabies off our native plants and vegetables (we live on the bush north of Horsnby).
My main purpose in coming to this site is that I want to expand the resources my students have for discussing and interacting with the literature that I am teaching. I hope that LiveJournal will give them space to comfortably express their thoughts about their reading and that it may event encourage them to produce their own creative work: poems, stories, essays.... I am very new to this genre and from all that I have read I have great hopes that if I can turn my students into Bloggers our experience of literature and our class community will be enhanced. I would be keen to hear from anyone who has used this tool for a similar purpose- Michael Griffith
bushregeneration, bushwalking, creative writing, gardening, jazz, macintosh computers, meditation..., music (classical, playing double bass ., playing piano, rock: 60s-70s), teaching and reading literature