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Art Gallery Visit August 18th

Thank you all for your keen participation in the Art Gallery visit. It was wonderful to see so many of you turn up, and I was amazed how many of you stayed back and spent quality time connecting with the paintings. I was also very pleased to hear that for some of you this was your first visit: there will be more visits from now on I am sure. Your responses in class also showed that a number of you had really allowed the paintings to enter into your feelings and imagination. Many of you were clearly also able to see the living links between the visual arts and Australian Literature. I hope many of you follow up the suggestions for deepening this understanding by looking at the texts in the <em>Macquarie Pen Anthology</em> and the paintings on your worksheet. You know have a visual and historical context in which you can locate all the Aust Lit texts that will be introduced to you during the rest of the semester. Here are a few of you gathering your thoughts before our journey round the various Australian Painting halls.

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