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William Blake- Suggestions for Week 3

 Remember not to go overboard with your blogs: keep entries concise- just like William Blake might have wanted!

Write a short review of the film “Singing for England”. You might like to say how it inspired you to taste something of the continuing relevance of William Blake to today.

Describe in your own words the visual swirls and whirls that surround one of Blake’s songs of innocence and experience. Go to the Blake Archivehttp://www.blakearchive.org/blake/ to find the visual images that most appeal to your imagination.

Try to remember a moment in your own childhood which seems from your perspective now to be filled with the radiance and meaningful simplicity that Blake is showing in his Songs. Describe this in prose or poetry (or both).

Take any one idea from William Blake that has inspired you in your thinking about your own life now. Express the idea (either by a direct quote or a paraphrase) and then explain how you see its significance for your future.

Remember also that you need to comment each week on one of your peers. Copy and paste your comment into your own journal after posting it in your peer’s journal and also make an active hyperlink to their journal in the body of your comment.

Bees in Wattle at my front door.

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