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Australian Literature Week 3: Ideas for your Literature Journal

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Previous Entry Australian Literature Week 3: Ideas for your Literature Journal Aug. 17th, 2010 @ 01:44 pm Next Entry
 Here are 3 central ideas…but remember you don’t have to stick to these. Blogging is a space where you can share your creative ideas, experiences and reflections with the whole group. Remember that by the end of your sixth blog you should have included a mix of creative and critical entries. Please go back to your Unit Outline to look up the specific requirements. And remember to post a comment on a peer and then cut and paste it into your blog (together with an active URL)- enjoy the process.

Chose any one of the questions/ topics on the Art Gallery study guide (distributed on Blackboard for the August 18th Visit) and use this question as the starting point for you Week 3 reflection on the relationship of literature to painting. You can of course build this Journal entry around one or two specific paintings that really caught your attention on the visit. Be aware that your ePortfolio will require a more extensive treatment of the the Art Gallery visit and your reflections on the links between literature and art.

Chose any one of the author/ questions referred to on this week’s tutorial study sheet and use this as the basis for your Literature Journal Blog this week.

Write a poem or a short prose piece on your impressions of visiting the Art Gallery of NSW in 2010.

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