michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Tolstoy and Troilus

Hi all... here are some ideas following on from some of the great discussions we have been having.
For our fellow Shakespeareans: take one of the sonnets that you have found really interesting and quote the first line and then try to compose a sonnet of your own with Shakespeare's first line as your own.....
If you find that too challenging you could write an appreciation of your introduction to Troilus and Cressida. Does this play present itself as interesting and challenging to you? What have you understood so far about Shakespeare's purpose in writing this play? Can you find any on-line reviews of recent performances of the play?

For our 19th Century enthusiasts: If you have become a fan of George Eliot, write a brief appreciation of Silas Marner. Why would you recommend this book to a friend. If Tolstoy has aroused your interest today then write a short piece saying what it is about Tolstoy that you find appealing.

Above and beyond any of these specific topics related to our reading this week, please feel free to continue using your WordPress Journal to hone your creative writing skills in poetry or in prose.

Enjoy your writing.

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