michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Clemente Campbelltown Literature Group Week 5

Hello all: thank you for such a great session at today’s class and for all your creative contributions. I loved sharing your poems and your reflections with the whole class. This is an excellent start for the writing component of our work together. Let us see how many of you can compose a poem or a short story or tell a little about your own experiences. You can also of course share your reflections about what we did in class today. Here are a few ideas that might get you started if you are stuck.

1/ Write a very short story beginning with the line:

After collapsing on the floor in sight of her husband Mrs Mallard woke up, turned to her sister and said ……..

2/ Write a short story narrating an event from your own life that meant a great deal to you.

3/ In descriptive prose describe EXACTLY all the things around you in your room where you are sitting at this moment. Try to create the atmosphere of the space you occupy.

I look forward to seeing some of the results.

And please remember to go into Dashboard and into Settings and into Privacy and their make sure you click on the top button making your blog visible to all.
See you all next week!

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