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Suggestions for Entries Week 8 - MG: LITERATURE&LIFE — LiveJournal

About Suggestions for Entries Week 8

Previous Entry Suggestions for Entries Week 8 Sep. 17th, 2009 @ 09:21 pm Next Entry
Blakeans- can you begin to speculate why Blake wants a marriage between Heaven and Hell? How can he dare to yoke these opposites together. Did he have a death wish? Was he determined to be burned at the stake?! Can you write an entry which gives voice to your confusion or your understanding of this weirdly subversive artistic work....
Or maybe you would like to speculate on why the rock band the Doors found so much power in the phrase "The Doors of Perception..." how can this apply to a contemporary rock band? What is the context of this phrase and what light does it shed on Blake's overall creative purpose.....???? Questions follow questions.....

And OzLit-eans: a week moving towards Judith Wright- whose book has not yet appeared in the bookshop! (I know!).... but you have a few poems already and some more will be appearing on-line for your delectation.... Can you try writing a poem about some manifestation of spring, of something happening in nature right now, that seems to contain the whole of life, the magic of creation. Go close to it and describe it in vivid detail: bring it to life and bring the undercurrents of life to life... so that we can see the gold underside of whatever it is you are describing..... does that make any sense? Perhaps you could have a closer look at her poem "The Wattle Tree"- could that give you any inspiration to follow in her footsteps.....
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