michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Art Gallery Visit 2009

Fabulous visit to the Art Gallery of NSW yesterday exploring links between Australian painting and Australian Literature. The tour started down in the aboriginal exhibition "The Dreamers" where the focus was on Ronnie Tjampitjnpa, especially his “Tingari Story at Walungura” 1981. He was one of a number of artists who went to settle at Papunya which became an artistic centre for Aboriginal artist keen to restore artistic connections with their land. See http://www.papunyatula.com.au/
Ronnies’s art pushes his painting techniques to an ever increasing use of optical effects to create a kind of visionary art that opens up new, mystical relationships to the landscape.
We then explored Ginger Riley: another Aboriginal artist in this group of “Dreamers”- an artist who followed in the footsteps of Albert Namatjira. Riley uses his art to forge reconnections with his mother landscape…
Systematically the tour then went through Margart Preston, Russell Drysdale, James Gleeson, Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd, finishing off with glimpses of the early and late 19th Century. Full details of this tour have been posted in Blackboard.

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