michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Past student visits her home Uni with her (LiveJournal Proficient)students from St Agnes Catholic

justine 1985, former literature student at our uni has just visited her campus with her students from St Agnes Catholic. She was so excited to tell me that she has been using LiveJournal with immense success in her literature classes at school where she -as a direct result of her LiveJournal experience- has become a school facilitator for utilizing new technologies in the literature classroom. She will be coming to our uni with some of her students to share the fruits of her use of these technologies in Literature and Education classes on campus next semester. Yay!!!

Please click here to see her unsolicited comments on her experience with her classes St Agnes. And if you haven't done so already please click on her amazing LiveJournal which takes her (and us) back to 2005 when she started her adventure with LiveJournal Blogging: justine 1985:
This is an amazing record of her journey through the study of literature, her growing creativity and ultimately her adventures in teaching with her own classes. Welcome Back Justine... and I am so pleased that what we taught you here at this uni- with all the new fangled technologies- has helped you so much in the modern, computer-literature classroom. 


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