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Week 9: LiveJournal Writing Suggestions and Other Matters - MG: LITERATURE&LIFE — LiveJournal

About Week 9: LiveJournal Writing Suggestions and Other Matters

Previous Entry Week 9: LiveJournal Writing Suggestions and Other Matters Apr. 26th, 2009 @ 05:03 pm Next Entry
LiveJournal is a public site - as you all know. This is part of the attraction of using it in an educational setting, because it allows us to connect with other organizations, other universities even. For example we have been exploring the possibilities of networking with students using Livejournal at the University of Hong Kong.

However in consideration of privacy issues, please remember not to refer to each other with full names (use first names or nicknames only) and it is best not to refer to the university’s name in your blogs either. So for the time being my blogs prior to this semester are "private" until such time as they are tidied up and there is no
mention of specific students. If I have missed something, please let me know asap!

Now for work this week: it has been amazing week. Please let me see first years developing their precis (the one's attempted in tutorials) of Adrienne Rich: http://www.enotes.com/contemporary-literary-criticism/rich-adrienne-vol-125. And I would love to see your response to her and Carol Bly's point of view on the current world
situation: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/12/22/carolbly/.
Two possible blog topics. For second years. Please write a letter to Ivan, or to Tolstoy, sharing your thoughts on the question of what makes an authentic life. Are we all in the same boat as poor old Ivan? What can make the difference between an authentic and inauthentic life? And for our third years- deep into Shakespeare's "The Tempest"- what kind of a person does Prospero strike you as from the opening scenes. Write a comment about
him form Caliban's point of view, or from Miranda's? Try to see him from a different perspective if you can.

I managed to get to the top of the ridge at Galston Gorge again this weekend: magical climb! Click thrice to see the sun rise over the ridge top!

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