michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Generous Offer from LiveJournal Academic Assistant

As you know we have a list of academic assistants that head up the list of URLS which you will find in the Creativity Portal in the Blackboard site for your unit . These assistants are there to help us improve our LiveJournals in every respect. And remember that the first round of assessments of LJ is happening in around a fortnight. So please make use of their skills by logging onto their LJ and requesting help. The Literture LJ community as a whole will benefit from your effort to make use of this generous help. In the meantime one of our LJ Academic Assistants, JM, has made himself availalbe at specified times. This may be of particular use to some of you. Here is is his message:

Hey there all, Jono. here, just letting you all know that I am more than willing to help anyone with their LiveJournals- especially considering that the first round of marking is in 2 weeks time. The easiest way to get in contact with me is to send me a email via my LJ page- http://mathsnerd.livejournal.com/

At the moment, I am free in the following times each week:
Wednesday: Noon to 2pm-ish.
Thursday: 1pm to 2pm and then from 4pm to 7pm-ish.
Friday: Noon to 4pm-ish.

If you would like to organise another time, it is all subject to availability. So, if you are feeling stuck about anything relating to LJ, drop myself or any of the other LJ Academic Assistants a line because that is what we are there for.


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