michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Cezanne/ Modernism Art Gallery visit ENGL202

A pity so few of you took advantage of this opportunity to see the Cezanne... but it will be there for a while to come. At $16,0000,000 it is destined to stay in the NSW ART Gallery for your great grand children to ogle at!.

Described as one of the artist's "most powerful creations" by the renowned British contemporary artist Roger Fry, this painting really does show the artist trying to find his way in to (as he called it) "the bones of nature"... we spent some time considering how the painting in its colour-texture and its form really created an extraordinary sense of the unity within and between all things: the men sitting in their green boats, mirroring the intense green grass behind... there is something reminiscent of Virginia Woolf's powerful image making here. I am thinking about Woolf's picture of the impact of trees on the environment around them in her essay "Mark on the Wall": "For years and years they grow, without paying attention to us, in meadows, in forests, and by the side of rivers... the cows swish their tails beneath them on hot afternoons; they paint rivers so green that when a moorhen dives one expects to see its feathers all green when it comes up again...... " Go and see it if you can... it puts all our study of modernism into a living perspective.

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