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Study Break

Hope you are all catching up on some sleep, some work and some leisure! I have been doing some of all of these myself. I caught a dawn rainbow down in LyreBird Gulley just behind our place yesterday morning:

I have actually seen many lyrebirds down here over the last few years. They are amazing creatures and I was awestruck by this link a friend of mine sent me of Attenborough's clip on the lyrebird.
Our Mission Australia unit on Literature has finally got off the ground with around 20 students, many of them who have taken to LiveJournal like ducks out of water. Here are two who are really beginning to create poetry out of the material of their own lives.
Gary Messenger http://dallymessenger.livejournal.com
Aboud Ibrahim http://goonoro.livejournal.com
Coralie Hinkley http://coralieh.livejournal.com
Visit the full list in the creativity portal in your Blackboard unit. Please connect with these students, make them welcome and make them feel at home.
Here is the first LiveJournal session with them last week:

And here we are having a coffee break after a long hour of intensive discussion of Judith Wright's poem "The Wattle Tree":

We have also had a wild week of first year drama exploring "A Hard God" and "Coralie Landsdowne Says No". Here are a few shots of our local stars.
Here is the traumatic start of "A Hard God"... complete with its snapshot of homosexual infidelity

Here are two guys negotiating their relationship with the hard please Coralie:

Here is Coralie's suprising, climactic wedding:

See you all next week... keep up the great work in all your LiveJournals.

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