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Week6- LiveJournal Suggestions

Hi all - this is the week when the first half of your LiveJournals for this semester have to be prepared for presentation. In particular you need to finish off your entry for week six and then post a new separate entry with the SUBJECT "My Best Entry from Weeks 1-6".
When you have done that, post the URL of your best post in the message section of your entry (eg: http://michaelgriffith.livejournal.com/74264.html) and then cut and paste the whole post itself into this space. I will be looking chiefly at your best post when I allocate your marks... but I will also be giving a sweeping look over the rest of your terrain.... check out the criteria for LiveJournal in your Unit Outline to make sure you have covered all the things required.
Now for Week 6 what suggestions do I have

For first year: take one of the poems you have enjoyed this week and using the first line only of the poem, build your own poem from that first line.... let your imagination take over... but try to stay close to the style of the poet you have chosen. Remember this is a suggestion only...
For second year: write a short paragraph in the style of Virginia Woolf. Let your imagine touch the heights of her free-wheeling kinetic and imagistic use of language.......
For third year: take the first line of any of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience and build your own poem from that ground... trying to keep close to Blake's choice of language....

Again my philosophy underpins each of these suggestions: you can learn so much more about a writer by imitating their style... it is like getting under the imaginative skin of another human being....

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