michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Suggestions for Entries - Week 2

As promised here are a few suggestions for those having difficulty getting started in their entries this week.
First year: Write a letter in the voice of Henry Lawson telling Mary Fortune ("Waif Wanderer") what you think about her description of the Australian Bush.

Second year: Write a letter in the voice of Siegfried Sassoon telling May Wedderburn Cannan what you think about her poem "Rouen".

Third year: Write a letter to Alan Ginsberg telling him how his experience of William Blake has helped your own understanding of Blake's vision.

Spring was really in the air today... and the spring flowers are beginning their fantastic show around Sydney. Couldn't resist this one. Here is the Hakea Sericia- very spikey- don't touch- but a wonderful fragrance coming from those small white flowers... and here woven with a gentle gossamer film of the morning spiders who have trapped the sunlight in their dewy nets: (double or triple click on the image to see my 3 megapixel image in all its glory!)

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