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A message for Trusted LJ Helpers (LJ Academic Assisants)

Hello my favoured band of LJ enthusiasts (I am of course speaking to the team of LJ Academic Assistants- volunteers in a good cause). I have just put the following notice out to my first year crop and anticipate there might be a rush on your services.... I am hoping so.....

Message to First Years: while I am very much enjoying your LJs overall there are two things I want to say:
Firstly- take a little more time editing and tidying up your entries... you can do this after you have posted too. Just go to Edit Entries. Do a spell check and tidy up your work. This makes such an improvement to your work. Secondly- if you haven't visited one of the LJ Helpers yet- then do so, and ask them for help- how to make your LJ more visually appealing, how to include pictures and ask for any feedback about what you are doing at the moment. These helpers are well experienced, and are keen to help so as to expand their own knowledge. You will find them at:
Browse through their work and ask one or more of them for help.... Do it now!

Meanwhile enjoy this picture of a spider's web gleaned from my walk down to LyreBird Gully this last weekend. The sun was just rising on the mountains in the background. This is down near Crosslands on Berowra Creek. Click on the image twice to get a close up:

The Gully was remarkably filled with LyreBirds too. Such amazing, extraordinary creatures who can imitate the sound of all birds in the bush and many other non-bird sounds - ambulance sirens, chain saws... practicing flautists.... I am not exaggerating.

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