michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Bush Walk Jerusalem Bay

With a friend, Graeme, I went for an awesome walk down to Jerusalem Bay- just north of where I live on the edge of Kuring-gai Chase- I have never seen so many glistening spider webs, catching the rays of the rising sun. And the birds at dawn in this secluded valley are just amazing: lyrebirds and thousands of small finches, wrens and honeyeaters out and about, savouring the delicacies of the dew-filled autumn flowers:

On the way down the track leads into sections of rain-forest, on the edge of which are some fantastic, huge, centuries-old Angophoras (Sydney Red-Gums). Here is one of my favourite:

We arrived down at the bay just as the sun was breaking above the thick mist rising up from the floor of the bay:

Here is friend Graeme- on our way climbing out of the Jerusalem Bay valley:

All in all an extraordinary walk into another miraculous world filled with teaming life and rich impressions. Hope to see you on the track there someday!.... Just get off at Cowan Station- the walk starts right there.

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