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LiveJournal Helpers

Hello All- the LJ URLS are coming in thick and fast and I will soon be able to publish a complete list. However, as you know (especially first years- but all years are welcome)- we have a team of competent, accomplished LJ Users who are happy/keen/excited/willing to share their skills and enthusiasms with you. I think the best way to get this process is happening is for me to put a list up of all those Volunteers who have now sent me their URLs AND their email addresses. You- potential clients for their generous assistance- can now wonder through their LiveJournals and see which one seems to speak to you most- from whom would you like to learn certain tricks of this arcane trade? So please feel free to email them or respond to one of their journal entries requesting their assistance. They may offer assistance on-line, or if it suits all parties, they may be able to offer assistance in ACU MSM Library. Let's see how this experiment works out- keep me posted. AND... if there are any additional volunteers (who either have already volunteered but who haven't sent me their URL + email yet- or would like to join this illustrious band of creative digital artists!- then please be in touch with MOI and I will add you to this prestigious list:
Here it is (in random order):
Robert Reilly
http://reilly88.livejournal.com/ http://reilly88.livejournal.com/
Marc DeLaconzi
http://ghettoman7.livejournal.com/ marc@lomartoolin.com.au
Shadi Nabavieh
http://shadi-n.livejournal.com/ shadinabavieh@hotmail.com
Nicole Slarke http://catalyst1.livejournal.com, weenie_beenie_@hotmail.com
Amanda Fajou
http://0001230185288.livejournal.com/, fudgey_77@hotmail.com
Candice Insuasti
http://aussielatina.livejournal.com/ clinsu001@student.acu.edu.au
Nouha Noun
http://nohanoun.livejournal.com/ sydney_gal88@hotmail.com
Timb Hoswell
http://the-judas-drone.livejournal.com/ timb.hoswell@gmail.com
Madison Taylor

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