michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Final LiveJournal Assessment for all ACU LiveJournalers:

To make it easier for your examiner to find the work that you want assessed, please do the following. As well as submitting the details of your 3 assessment pieces into WebCT, please post INTO YOUR LIVEJOURNAL a post that has in the SUBJECT LINE: MY BEST LIVEJOURNAL ENTRIES.
Then give the dates of your entries and cut and paste your entries into this MY BEST LIVEJOURNAL ENTRIES POST.
You should have one "Creative Responses", one "Critical Comments" and one "Reviews of LiveJournal entries by other literature students at ACU". Please paste these into your new Final LiveJournal Assessment blog before 11.59pm this Friday. As you know you will be getting a mark out of 5 for each of these three blogs, plus a mark out of 5 for your total effort in LJ this semester.
Many thanks
MG..... and the LJAA team....

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