michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

LiveJournaL Academic Assistants Help Team On Its Way

Hi patient first years: we have just created this fantastic device called an LJ Help Team (made up of a bunch of very enthusiastic second year students). Here they are, and here are the groups of you guys who they are going to work with. So please welcome this group of trusted, skilled, patient, artistic and highly knowledgeable LiveJournal Helpers:
Marc, Talin Agon TO Daniela Catanea
Timb, Amanda Ceccon TO Alexandra Davidov
Alison, Georgina Dickinson TO Lauren Hislop
Tamara, Sarah Humphreys TO Jodie Kirkwood
Rhani, Thomas Lagreca TO Shadi Nabavieh
Matthew , Elissa O’Brien TO David Setches
Anthony, Lyndal Simmonds TO Anastasia Zolotarev
The whole purpose of this exercise is to give me a hand and to make the LiveJournal experience all the more effective and beneficial for you. I am convinced that LiveJournal is a fantastic tool for amplifying your experience of literature, especially giving you the space and confidence to translate your reading into your creativity... so I will be keen to hear your reactions to this whole project......

PS as soon as I get them I will be uploading REAL pictures of all the LJ Academic Assistants.

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