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Suggestions for Week5/6 LJ Entries

Hi all... Easter is almost upon us so we need to tidy up our Live Journals in ready for the first "inspection".... hope that you have all found the experience challenging and satisfying. I must say there have been some fantastic breakthroughs in terms of what students have been doing in LiveJournal across all years. I intend to share some of these with you once the first mark has been given to everyone.

First Year: Does Ginsberg inspire anyone to write a poem about something they see everyday, take for granted, and yet, on close inspection, is extraordinarly interesting. That was how Ginsberg's "The Bricklayers' Lunch Hour" struck me. This a great poem for creating a framework for you own poem.... not too complicated, simple language and yet full of rich impressions... give it a try... nothing to lose. Or, of course you could a short piece about Ginsberg, or about the Beats as they were presented in the lecture....

Second Year: Victorianism. How about describing yourself walking around the Palace Gardens in Sydney in 1880. What would be striking your attention as you enter the Glass Palace. What sounds, smells, hopes and aspirations crowd around you? Or what sorts of ideas and dreams would be going through the mind of a 20 something young man or woman in Sydney in the 1870s... let your imagination roam; or write an appraisal of a Pre-Raphaelite painting of your choice.

Third Year: So how different is the way people in the renaissance viewed the evolution/devolution of humankind on earth - to the way we view this today. Why do we see things so differently? Write a short poem describing our own times as the Iron Age.

And check out the comments on this painting and the notes on other Earthly Paradises at:

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