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Welcome back to Uni everyone!!- and an International On-Line Conference on Blogging

In two weeks time we are all back together, cutting our teeth, brains and imaginations on fabulous literature... I am really looking forward to the journeys we have in store for us. For third year: the renaissance in England in the sixteenth century; for second year the nineteenth century and Romanticism; for first year an introduction to it all. And best of all I will participate with you in another semester of LiveJournalizing where I will be able to see your creativity grow. As you will discover I have made LiveJournal simpler this semester - I hope this helps to free you all up to use it in ways that YOU find most comfortable for your creativity and for deepening your response to the literature we are studying. I am so glad to see so many of you continuing your work in LiveJournal beyond the end of semester telling us about "stuff" happening in your holidays or new creative adventures. Many of you have obviously found LiveJournal a "hook" that is hard to let go. Well done for the persistence and for keeping the community alive. Let me know who I have missed please! Here are a few examples. From first (now second year!): Franc Delaconzi: http://ghettoman7.livejournal.com, Tamara Gardner: http://tamaragardner.livejournal.com/, Timb Hoswell http://dr-mindbender82.livejournal.com/. From second (now third year): Daniel Gleeson http://daniel-gleeson.livejournal.com/, Cameron Nash http://camheartsamber.livejournal.com/. From third year (now either fourth year or out in the work-force): Clare Grantham http://clarebear-g.livejournal.com/, Young Jang http://youngjang.livejournal.com, Jordan Taylor http://jordifier.livejournal.com/, Jennifer Sullivan http://ms-cellaneous.livejournal.com/. From the Clemente Program: Welcome Anissa Chatt and John van Gulick to ACU this year- both experienced hands at LiveJournal! Both have completed their 4 Clemente units allowing them now to become ACU Arts students.
Now I would love all or any of you to look into the international seminar on "Blogging" that I am running from today (the 12th Feb) until teaching starts on the 26th. I hope some of you might put your head into the discussion and share your experience as Blog users in Humanities Education- all you have to do is self-register (it is open to all) and type in a comment.... Here is how the Promo Runs:

School of Arts and Sciences Associate Professor Michael Griffith from the Strathfield Campus is running a workshop on Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences until 25 February.

“Blogging is becoming a familiar activity in our daily lives, and many educators are integrating blogs into their teaching practices,” said Professor Griffith, who has had particular success using blogging with his Clemente Program for Homeless students. “This seminar is an opportunity to share our blogging experiences and to discuss effective strategies for teaching and learning.”

To access the seminar directly, visit http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=400 <http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=400> . To contribute to discussions and customise visits to SCoPE, self-register http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca <http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/> . SCoPE is an online community hosted by Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Discussions are free and open to the public. More information is available from Professor Griffith, at M.Griffith@mary.acu.edu.au.

Now before I go here are some post-bush-fire images taken out of the back of my place. Savagely burnt as it was, the grass trees (Xanthorea Australis) are the first to make an amazing come back:

And there are some other astonishing processes at work as some plants have their seed capsules burnt open by the fires producing a mass of seeds almost like snow (which of course we never see here in Sydney). Here is the Isopogon (commonly called the Drum Stick) a beautiful bright yellow flower in spring... that is my son David receding into the distance...

This is what the Isopogon looks like in spring

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