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Great News

And now for the great news that Anissa and John have both gained entry into our uni as a result of their work in the C program. Congratulations to you both! And George has gained entry into the CI to study Theology... so all the hard work put in by you all on those long Tuesday afternoons has paid off!
And the ABC program on our work together ("Sacred Australia") is going to air this Sunday thanks to Kevin Klehr; Check out the details at http://www.abc.net.au/rn/streetstories/stories/2007/1831012.htm - a number of you are featured in this documentary.
And what have I been up to in the last month? Catching up with my life, which has included:fighting bush fires, saving possums, taking grandchildren to see Thomas the Tank Engine and now getting my uni courses ready for teaching in around 3 weeks.... so LiveJournal is back into focus as I begin to use it as a sounding board for my teaching preparation. Here are some dramatic pictures from the last few weeks:
Here is the outing to the Zig-Zag railway (Thomas the Tank Engine Day) on the afternoon of the bush fires:

This is what we saw as we arrived home:

This is how close the fire came to our house by 9pm

And here is the eerie landscape on the following morning

Here I am comforting a possum on the following morning- traumatized by fire and by my two dogs!


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