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Australian Hong-Kong LiveJournal Exchange

Fantastic news folks- all those who volunteered to be part of the Hong-Kong / Australia LiveJournal Creative Exchange should hear something from your Hong-Kong Colleagues very shortly. If you don't then please let me know and I can try to help with the connections. Just for information this is what the Hong-Kong group received from their co-ordinator/facilitator:

"I hope you still remember my earlier email concerning our writerly companionship with a group in Oz. I am happy to tell you we are now ready to get all the writers connected!
This is going to be a grand experiment, in the spirit of holidays, so here’s how we’ll get started.
First, you can now create your own blog by opening an account at www.livejournal.com.
(You can read the quick-start instruction here: http://soymango.livejournal.com/)
With your new blog in hands, it’s time to select 2 out of the following 3 things for just saying “hello” to a fellow writer:
1 Choose one poem or a section from your story and post it, along with some comments about this work-in-progress!
2 Try three 10-minute “splurges” of writing over the next 7 days, starting any day you’re ready—then post just one to three for discussions.
3 Thinking of the process of your own revisions, post just one comment on your fellow writer’s work on any of the following ozblogs (links below). You might even consider where you might also want to post a story or poem in return."

Cheers MG

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