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William Blake: The Visionary Imagination Presentations

The Class of 2006 produced some outstanding and innovative interpretations of the life, times, ideas and artistic practice of William Blake. All groups seemed to be able to draw out the contemporary significance of Blake. The Tygers did this through a mockery of Rove Live with William Blake (Peter T) as the one who interviews Oothoon, Theotormon, Bromion (bro!) and Catherine Blake (Marie-Lisa, Dyana, Alicia, Nike). The No-Hopers (James, Kathryn, Katie, Mitch and Kathryn) produced an amazing re-enactment of "Visions of Daughters of Albion" (The Poison of Albion) which was set at the gates of Hell. What was so powerful about was this production was not only the high drama, but the extent to which it drew so strongly from so much of Blake's work giving a rich context for these specific dramatic events. The Oh No No Group (Fadia, Jermyn, Stephen, Jessica and Young) managed to bring "Visions" into the contemporary law courts, thus emphasing the links between Blake's experience and the modern context of rape and abuse.The Post-Modern Plagiarists (Janine, Clare -with Cello- Jennifer, Jordan and Danielle) cunningly explored the concept of visionary imagination by having Blake in a modern mental hospital illustrating how Blake's unique vision might be treated in today's society. The Ho-Nopers (Jennifer, Catherine, Andrea, Anne and Rosemary) began the whole proceedings with a wonderful dramatized reading of key songs from "Innocence and Experience". Gesture and Movement truly brought the inner meaning of many of these poems to life. Overall I was really "blown-away" by what was an extraordinary effort with this difficult poetry. I really had a sense that none of you would forget William Blake and his prophetic signficance in your years ahead as teachers or journalists or.... Here are a few snap-shots of highlights of the performances:

Loved the way Janine mirrored Newton's posture in Blake's painting projected onto the screen behind!

And loved the way all the actors in this production mirrored the postures and setting of "Visions of the Daughters of Albion"... with the addition of a good and evil angel in the background weighing the outcome of this tragic moment...

Thank you all again!

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