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Hi all... am just coming round the last couple of bends in marking all your amazing livejournals. What I feel is really needed is some place where after you have written your blog you advertise it on some kind of noticeboard so that we could then simply go to the noticeboard to see what items attract our attention. I just put this question to the LJ Help line... they may come up with something different... but maybe one of you out there have a thought about this too:

Hi- I am a teacher managing around 200 student livejournals. It would be great if I could create some kind of noticeboard where students could post up interesting topics in their individual blogs. This would allow all students to go to the notice board and have a look see for what they would like to respond to. I was thinking I might create a community and call it something like "Noticeboard" then get all students to create a link to this in their own journals and the at the end of each of their posts (if they wanted to) go to the Noticeboard and advertise their blog... what do you think? does that seem the best way to do such a thing within LJ?
thanks for your time on this one.
PS... Josh (in the picture) my youngest Grandson - is now walking!!!!!
Two views of a bush warrior near here:

By the way... if you want to see all that I said about YOUR use of LiveJournal when I was in Chicago... go to your WebCT site and click on Creativity and you will find there a link to the PP presentation I gave singing YOUR praises!

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