michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Arrival in the USA

Hi all my friends... I have just arrived in Los Angeles in the first let of my visit to the USA. The main aim of this visit is to attend the WebCT Conference in Chicago where I am giving a ShowCase Presentation (that is the grand title!) on the use I have made of LiveJournal in Literature Teaching at university. I have to say in preparing for this presentation I was again very gratified to see how much good work many of you have been doing - and are continuing to do (even thought Semester has ended). Overall I think LiveJournal has added a fantastic new dimemnion to Literature teaching both in the way it has opened you up to each other and helped to release the creative genie from the bottle. As I speak some of you are even experimenting with video poetry on-line within LiveJournal!!!!
Now a few words about LA where I am spending a couple of days before heading further north to Chicago. It is of course mid-summer here... or nearly so! The Jacarandas are in bloom... in Sydney they bloom in November... here in June. And the streets here are full of Australian native plants. Lots of Eucalypts and Callistemons (Bottle Brushes). But this is a desert landscape here. It is much drier than in Sydney and generally I have a sense that it is more run-down and industrialized. My friend here pointed out the grey towers of Holywood set against the backdrop of high rocky mountains... but I didn't get this sudden urge to want to go over there and check out the realm of the stars!!
In fact as we speak I am on my way down to the beach at "Venice Beach" on out of town suburb where a friend of mine lives. I hope to check out the water temperature and wash some of the effects of the 12 hour flight out of my system.... But it is exciting to be in a new place... despite the jet lag... will talk again soon here... and maybe with some pictures if I get my act together....
Here is moi against a backdrop of the main beach in Los Angeles!...

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