michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Romeo and Juliet- Bell Shakespeare Company

What an amazing night out it was for us last night. The MA group that I have just been teaching were invited by the Bell Shakespeare Company to see Romeo and Juliet at the Opera House last night. This was a direct result of the publicity we received in the Sydney Morning Herald last week for our performance of a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. I think John Bell must have thought it indeed a worthy cause to celebrate Shakespeare having made his debut amongst the Sydney marginalized community. But then Shakespeare was a playwright for ALL people- as last night's performance beautifully demonstrated. For Shakespeare it was often those at the low rungs of the societal ladder who were in fact far more worthy than those near the top. All those plays of his that feature "the fool" (King Lear/ Twelfth Night/ Henry IV - Falstaff) are evidence of this. Shakespeare loved the vitality and wisdom of those at the edges of privileged, successful society... his plays bear witness to this repeatedly... so thank you Bell Shakespeare for a great night out and thank you all those in the cast who could make it: John, Tania, Anissa, Tom, Lissa and the crew from MA.... cheers MG

and was that not an aaammmaaaazzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnggggggg Kiss!

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