michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

ABC Radio Interview- re Mission Australia

Hi all- check the airwaves at around 1.34 pm (ABC 702 -NOT FM) and at 9.10 pm today for a conversation about uni's work with MA: extending the boundaries of Uni education beyond the walls of academe!- Ciao MG- Both interviews went very well... managed to read some creative works from John, Anissa and Reza over the airwaves... these were very well received... one comment from the interviewer was: these are amazing works of literature that your students are producing.... I thought they were studying literature not CREATING it..... and thank you so much Anissa for your thoughtful comments in your interview with Sarah... I thought you came over very well indeed and helped to give a good plug for MA Courses... as well as for the performances next week... Yikes! only 5 days to go...

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