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Moliere's: The Flying Doctor

Thank you all first year's - that is the whole class!- who made yesterday's work on Comedy so enjoyable and entertaining. We really did learn something about the nature of comedy in the way it challenges fixed attitudes to all those who are so self-important in our society: doctors, lawyers.... fathers.... and how comedy literally takes the p.... out of all our attempts to look good in the eyes of others. This was a theme that we explored relentlessly in our discussions on Margaret Edson's "Wit" as well: how Vivian Bearing's whole life has been an effort to create and sustain an image of herself in the eyes of others and how she comes to meet her real-self face to face in the blank, bleak, blear walls of the hospital.... thank you all for your input into this great discussion... hope it fuels your insights in the essay... now here are a few star shots from the impromptu performance:
Here are the crew as the show was about to begin:

Here are some classic mid-performance shots:
Here is Gorgibus (Matthew), eager to get medical treatment for his daughter Lucille telling Sabine to get a "sample of Lucille's urine" for the distinguished doctor. The oh so terribly distinguished doctor
Sganarelle (Taras) then comments on the quality of Lucile's urine: "but this was a meager specimen. I need another bladderful" and Sabine (Renelle) responding: "She had enough trouble getting that much out". And Taras' digust: "I never heard of such reluctance. Tell her she must urinate freely, copiously. As much as she can manage!"

And here is the whole cast - including the director- in the grand finale:

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