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Mission Australia Fiction (Week 8)

Yesterday we tackled three stories about people who were either living on the margins or living under circumstances of extreme stress: Patrick White's "Down at the Dump", Olga Masters "On the Train" and Tim Winton's "The Turning". With the exception of Olga Masters all authors- we decided- were also capable of finding and expressing huge resources of hope in the most difficult of circumstances. Patrick White finds it in the younger generation, their indifference to the shackles of the status quo and their amazing "holy" imagination. Tim Winton finds it in a moment in which his central character Raelene has an epiphany as she walks onto the beach, under the stars (pages 149-150). This story leaves us with the question at the end: has she "turned" away from the sources of her pain? Or has she "turned" INSIDE so that the sources of pain no longer touch her. Reza made a wonderful comment when we were discussing this suggesting that in some ways, despite the difficulties of her life, she really had so much to be thankful for... her children, her life.... Tom, Tania and Leeza helped to shape up a powerful sense of how Tim Winton's story was taking us deep inside this woman's new experience of the world... I look forward to hearing your discussion comments on these stories and your short writing tasks.... Now here are a few shots of the some of our cohort enjoying the break in the sun from our "heavy" discussion:
So here is Leesa from Spain who provides us with many passionate insights:

And here are Tom, from Scotland- filled with literary insights (thomasthetankengine - in LJ) - yours truly- and Reeza. Please visit Reeza's LJ... he is of Persian origin and has an amazing insight into Persian mystical poetry... he is also an artist to be reckoned with!

Last but not least here is our fearless co-ordinator John G sitting with Tom and moi!

Cheers till next week.

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