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A Hard God- by Peter Kenna (Wharf Theatre)

Wow, what an amazing production with Jackie Weaver (Aggie), Kerry Walker (Monica), Max Gillies (Dan), Ralph Cotteral (Martin), Ben Matthews (Joe), David Lyons (Jack) and Maeliosa Stafford (Paddy). Each actor contributed so richly to the dramatic texture of this powerful performance of this classic Australian play. The reason we went to this production was twofold. Firstly to give us a real, live play as a touchstone in our discussions during the next few weeks about what makes drama dramatic? about how the words in a play are transformed by living actors, lighting, stage sets, movement, music etc etc.... All these "other" non-language things are sometimes referred to as the extra-linguistic components of the language of drama. The language of drama itself -unlike the language of poetry, or the language of fiction- is much more than just language on the printed page. The best analogy I have is that drama on the printed page is a bit like music on the printed page: it doesn't really come into its own until it is played!... on-stage, so to speak. So the language of drama is a composite medium drawing on the talents of musicians, lighting experts, stage artists and the gestures performance characterstics of actors... so one production is never like another....

The other reason why we went to this play is because we are studying the play text next semester (in Australian Literature) and there is no better way of understanding a play than by seeing it alive, in the flesh, so to speak... living, moving, girating, screaming... there in front of you. So thank you all for making the effort to come!

More of this in class on Friday... in the meantime here are some star-studded shots of the "Night to Remember"!
Chau MG


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