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WebCT and LiveJournal

Hi all... I am plowing through all the LiveJournals for the first half of semester and I am having a ball. Especially with first years who I have not really got to know yet... and their LJs are a mind-expanding, mind blowing experience for the way they put me in touch with their lives (outside Uni) and the way they educate me in the new powerful, intoxicating language of this next generation.... I don't mean to make second or third years feel old... but I tell you what... the first years were a timid lot in weeks 1,2,3... go and have a look now at what is blossoming in their LJs... mindexpanding is not strong enough a word!
By The Way... BTW... you are all getting comments on various LJ entries that attract my attention.. so go back to earlier entries to make sure you haven't missed any of my "oh so profound" comments!
But seriously I do love seeing so many of you enjoying the process of studying literature and finding a space to reflect on it here in LJ... a place where you also feel free to speak in your own LINGO AND feel free to try on your creative skates and sing poems, stories, reviews.... wow...

Now a question: how are we all finding WebCT this semester? For first years they wouldn't know the difference between this year and last year... but for information we changed platforms form WebCT 4 to WebCT 6... it is actually quite a difference.... so what do you all (first, second and third years) think about WebCT 6 this year.... do you love, hate, endure... it... are there things you find your really enjoy... things you find causing a problem.... and how does it stack up say with LJ which is actually a completely independant (free) program that I am running INSIDE WebCT... I think most of you know what/where/how/ I am doing with this now.... so give me some feedback.. it is important.. because I will be your teacher (for good or ill) over your next 3,2,1 years... and it is good to get it right... so what do you, don't you love, hate, like... etc....
and have a good weekend.
MG.... and how do you like my wombat!

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