michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Bush Walking Around Jerusalem Bay

I went with a friend of mine Graeme on a great walk around Jerusalem Bay (in Kuring-gai Chase) on Saturday. We found an ancient track that led out almost to the mouth of Broken Bay. My passion is the Angophora, the Sydney Red Gum which moulds itself around rocks into some extraordinary shapes. Each tree is a poem in wood. Here is a visual record of our walk.

Here is the first amazing Angophora which had attached itself top and bottom to a rock ledge:

And once I got the Angophora bug... I couldn't stop:

The Australian poet Judith Wright has talked about gum trees as "fountains slowed in air"... I think this is a fantastic description of the Angophora which moulds itself like water around any obstacle so that it can be securely fastened... it is indeed a fountain ...s...l...o...w....e....d.... in air.....

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