michaelgriffith (michaelgriffith) wrote,

Introduction to Literature Week 4

So we started poetry today and finished fiction - with a bang: Balzac and Poe. Two challenging stories that open the brain corpuscles just a little more. I must admit I do love the intensity of the writing in Balzac. He takes you right inside his characters' feelings and emotions and there is such a density of impressions surrounding each moment of his writing. No wonder it takes several readings to get this whole amazing story into some kind of focus... so please don't give up. Challenging yourself to read and then read again for understanding is truly one of the BEST ways of expanding your reading ability, the quickness of your response AND your vocabulary... none of this effort is lost. So just because we have "DONE" it in class it doesn't mean its now dead and gone: FAR FROM IT.... now it becomes a real source of potential learning for you... You have done the first stage of the effort: you have sort-of read it and sort-of understood it... but NOW you suddenly have the benefit of all that rich discussion in class... there are a whole lot of new ideas floating around your head. So don't give up on it now... not just now... while you still have the batton in your hand.... run with it to the end of the race... enlarge your understanding and enjoy this master of fiction!.
And the poetry... well I must say I do really enjoy sharing my favourite poems with you.... and I love them reading them aloud too.... thanks for your enthusiastic and intelligent response... I think together we had a great time with these introductory poems... Whose woods these are I think I know..... what a great poem for silencing the mind and bringing me in touch with the things that are really important... for a moment... in this busy world.... for a breath we can find this extraordinary stillness in which the unnameable mystery of the universe - and our lives in it- is briefly revealed... and then that horse just keeps pulling us on......
Have a great weekend.

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