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Review of a Journal Entry

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Previous Entry Review of a Journal Entry Mar. 15th, 2006 @ 11:32 pm Next Entry
Hi folks, "59 Elpis" asked me to do a demonstration review of someone's journal... I have finally got round to doing this.... in haste I may add; but I decided to stop right there with "59 Elpis" himself. Check out the entry for the 12th March which is on a poem by Josh.... I thought this was a great review and here was my comment- which you can also view in Elpis's very own journal:

I would like to express my appreciation for this sensitive discussion of Josh's poem "Nocturne". Not only does it poetically describe the impact of Josh's language, but it also manages to link it effectively with the themes and ideas which partly inspired the poem and which are at the centre of the unit we are studying. In this way this review manages to create a clever synthesis of the past and the present, exploring the way Romantic themes continue meaningfully in the poetry written by our own generation. Furthermore this review then connects the experience of Josh's poem with the living experience of listening to a great Romantic musical composition by Beethoven which again - in the writer's experience- is deeply linked to the themes and ideas embedded in the poem under review. So all in all I found this review a very creative piece of "journalism" discovering and forging links that helped to make the wider context of Josh's poem alive and meaningful. Well done. MG (and by the way that is 163 words!)
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Date:March 16th, 2006 07:29 am (UTC)

much appreciated

Thanks for that. Informative and interesting, not to mention concise.
Dave (elpis)
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