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Week 3 - MG: LITERATURE&LIFE — LiveJournal

About Week 3

Previous Entry Week 3 Mar. 7th, 2006 @ 08:09 am Next Entry
So week 3 is upon us and all is running smoothly. This week PIG (Poetry in the Gallery) happens at 4.45 in the Gallery. Be there or be square. Watch your peers read from their poetry. This is an opportunity for LiveJournal's Creativity to migrate from cyberspace into real three dimensional space for the duration of 1 and a half hours: Yoohoo!
In Shakespeare yesterday we entered the world of Henry IV: a world of generational conflict and subversion of the status quo. What a great find to have Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix strutting their stuff in "My Own Private Idaho" - a contemporary remake of Shakespeare's Prince Hal and Falstaff. I am going to screen the whole film at 1pm next Monday in TS 1: so be there.
Discussions seem to be moving along nicely... I will be keen to get feedback on how much you are learning in this process.... I suspect it gives many of you space to really come to grips with the poetry and the ideas.
If you have not done so already you should have a look at the uni- student rag: Calamity Monthly. The Editor Rob Andrews gave me some space to rave about the virtues of computer technology in Literature Teaching... have a squiz!
BTW there are two plays looming that I want to get you to see: A Hard God and The Importance of Being Earnest.... they are happening soon - so keep your eyes and ears open... and I am going to need some serious help to collect and count money for these.....
Have a good week....
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Date:March 7th, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
keanu reeves and river phoenix together? now those were the good ol days :) i wish we'd seen it last year.
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