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Nineteenth Century Literature

So we are launched into the 19th Century with my mate William Blake steering his way through Enlightenment Pomposities and through the muck and muddle of the early days of the industrial revolution. As you can see from "The Garden of Love" and "London" he enjoyed stirring people into thinking hard about the restrictions they imposed on themselves and on others. Like all the romantics Blake was an advocate of freedom, internal and external... and believe it or not he is still very popular amongst freedom lovers of all persuasions. If you want a really interesting introduction to Blake and his times visit the Tate Gallery in London (which you can do on-line): http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/blake.htm
So next week we will hopefully have all our tuts sorted out and will be able to get on with a closer study of the Romantics... see you then
PSPSPS for everyone... check out this useful site I just discovered for MLA referencing... keep it in your bookmarks:

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