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Merry Christmas

Hi all, wishing you a merry Christmas for 2005! Our family has had its traditional Austrian Christmas yesterday (the 24th). We had 20 gathered in our house for lunch and then the sharing of gifts. My son David with his three children, Leeara, Alexandra and Josh came with his wife Renee. I won't go through the whole list, but there were four generations of us present.... including the dogs!
On the 23rd I managed to squeeze in a visit to the NSW art gallery where I saw two fantastic exhibitions: Pisarro and Cossington-Smith.
Pisarro was one of the first impressionists and his art gives a wonderful insight into the nineteenth century, its history as well as its artistic development. Those of you planning to do nineteenth century literature with me next semester would be advised to have a look at this great exhibition which is on till early February (I think).
Cossington Smith was one of Australia's finest contemporary wowen artists and her work is not to be missed. She was one of the first modernists in Australia and she had an amazing vision into the nature of light itself.... so please give yourself a treat and see one or both of these exhibitions.

While there I discovered the joys of a camera in my new moblie phone... so I was able to snap and now upload some of the best images from these exhibitions.
The images below are from both exhibitions. If I had time - which I don't right now- I would give you a guided tour... but I have just put these up to wet your appetite!. Pisarro has a wonderful subtle sense of colour. He believed that the small things mattered in life. So there is the wonderful painting of the apple pickers. In later life, he was one of the first impressionist artists to savour the colours and textures of the industrial world.
Cossington Smith explored the landscape around her home at Turramurra... the bush as well as the light in the rooms of her own home!
Enjoy... but go and see the real thing with all the commentaries that go with them,
See you all in the new year!

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