July 31st, 2012

MG Puck

Welcome to Spring Semester 2012

Sydney Boronia (Boronia Ledifolia) Blooming in Kuring-gai Chase 2012

Welcome to Spring Semester: as you can see above the spring flowers are already out in Kuring-gai Chase one month before the official start of spring. I look forward to reading your entries in this new space. 

As a creative experiment, which I am sure you will all enjoy, we are moving to LiveJournal to do our Literature Journal Blogs and then we are going to create our ePortfolios in Mahara (provided in LEO). I think you will all find LiveJournal much more user-friendly. It will give you more freedom in how you express yourself verbally and visually and it will keep you in touch with your friends much more effectively. It might not have all the bells and whistles of WordPress, but it has all - and more- than we need for the task at hand.  So all you need to do is go to LiveJournal.com and create your own account- follow all the prompts and enjoy what you can do to make your blog look terrific: you can also link your blog directly to facebook.
You will then need to copy your URL and have it ready to post into a Google.Docs Document which I will be sending to you soon.

Making LiveJournal "Friends" is really easy. You simply click on the blog of anyone in the group and then click on the Friends icon- Hey presto, anything your friend(s) post will appear automatically on your friends' list. This should help our community interaction work much better than it did with WordPress. You can also regulate who sees your journal: either only people on your friends' list; everyone in the universe; or no one except you!

Please remember that all the requirements for your writing in LiveJournal are exactly as stated in the unit outline. Most important is that your writing is carefully edited and presentable to the world at large and remember the key warning: anything that you write on the web could be used against you in years to come. You/ I want this place to be something you are proud of in the future rather than something you would wish to forget. So please write with care and attention. Please be especially careful and courteous with the comments you make on your "Friends" work. Remember the comments area is place where you can give constructive feedback. We can all help each other make Literature Journal Blogging work better. 

I am teaching four units this semester: The Visionary Imagination (With William Blake, David Malouf and Patrick White); Twentieth Century Literature; Australian Literature and Sacred Australia (with the Clemente Students out at St Vincent de Pauls in Campbeltown). The Campbeltown students will be starting their Blogs in LEO and when they are comfortable with this I will get them to move to Live Journal and will be asking on-campus students to give them peer review support. 

All the suggested topics for your blogs will be posted in this space. I will not be having a separate page for each of these four units. I will simply give the topics for your unit a different heading each week. 
Good luck! MG

Suggested Topics for Visionary Imagination Week 1 (remember - see your unit outline- you are at complete liberty to write your own topic, based on something that has inspired you personally and you are encouraged to link this to your own experience). 
Creative: Write a letter to either Ginsberg or Palmer expressing your appreciation for how they have helped your understanding of why William Blake might be worth studying.
Critical: Write a critical commentary (positive or negative) on the value of Ginsberg's insights into the poetry of William Blake.
Critical: Write a film review of "Singing for England" the film viewed in class this week (find the link in LEO to watch this again).