March 14th, 2008

Michael Under the Harbour Bridge

Final Batch of First Year URLs

I think this is just about all the first years... please check and see if you are there and if your URL is actually working. I will be posting these gradually into "delicious" ( where it will be easier for us to access each other... watch out for details.
Umamah Abdat
Jessica Abood
Rebecca Akrivos
Tanya Anderson
Jessica Attard
Larissa Azzouni
Shelley Back
Kathryn Baker
Kobi Bainbridge
Jessica Bamborough
Marena Bastawrous
Dilek Bayram
Mislav Belobrajdic
Melinda Bray  
Samantha Britton
David Chadar
Melissa Calleja
Melissa Cameron
Sophia Charalambous
Bikash Chettri
Adam Chioatto
Louise Coy
Marie De Jesus
Matthew De Lima
Nicole Delmas
Amanda Dib http://mandiebulsara.livejournal
Emma Dirks
Nafsika Divis
Andrew Djo
Luke Doran
George Drivas
Jake Dowers
Alexander Dunaeff
Regina El-Hage
Matthew Farrelly
Clare Field
Caitlin Francis
Hayley Freeman
Alexandra Galloway
Melanie Georgiou
Madeline Givney
Emily Gray
Samantha Green
Jeremy Gurto
Marc Harper
Ian Herd
Bartholomew Hines
Louise Hoarau
Elizabeth Ibrahim
Stephanie Ilufi
Annika Kelly
Michael Kelly
Iman Khalid
Bronwyn Kinsey
Natalie Kokozian
Vasiliki Laskas
Maria Lastica
Dan Leverington
Krystal Lindsay
Louise Lopes
Bianca Losurdo
Christine Magliveras
Aprill Mann-Pippen
Jonathan Maranik
Samantha Mariani
Adam Marsland
Elise Mercer
Amy Mcpherson
Emmanuel Monteiro
Lucy Monti
Sara Ramirez Morales
Alana Moro
Anna Mouawad
Ali Mulla
Kristina Murray
Julia Myhill
Rita Neesan
Maryanne Nemer
Samantha Painter
Jessica Palazzolo
Karina Pannucci
Giuliana Perrone
Alanna Read
Eamon Robinson
Laura Robinson
Vanessa Ruggiero
Aziza Sarkis
Christine Sassine
Kelly Scutts
Sonia Serra
Jeehan Shahrouk
Gabriella Shelhot
Pranjali Singh
Melissa Stranges
Michael Taylor
Silvana Tedesco
Stacey Thambyah
Hala Trad
Thu Tran
Belinda Toseski
Sally Turnbull
Adrinee Vartianian
Rosa Yoo
James Waide
Stephanie Wakim
Emily Walsh
Amanda Wilkinson
Peter Willms
Kristyna Wowk
Carmen Wong
Vanessa Yee
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First Batch of Second Year URLs

Here are all second year entries I think- please check that you are there and that your link is working. Shortly this will be posted into Blackboard, but I am also creating a link in Delicious - and hope that will be a much easier way of keeping all of you together - and in a space that allows for all sorts of other possibilities.
Talin Agon
Nicole Apap
Nicole Badry
Amanda Barros
Lauren Bennett
Rebecca Bragg
Suzanne Brook
Amy Burkitt
Christine Cho
Cheryl Collard Http://
Marnie Cuy 
Katherine Daly
Arbella Daryoush
Alexandra Davidoff
Georgina Dickinson
Nicole Don
Amanda Fajou
Genevieve Giles
Marc Ghigonone
Constantina Giannopoulos
Rebecca Henry-Whisker
Candice Insuasti
Sam Jaber
Jesse Kants
Michelle Kenned
Elise Mckenzie
Nancy McKibbin
John Mahoney
Shenouda Megalaa
Michael Millgate
Rachael Morris
Sara Morrocu
Chris Mulhall
Janelle Mustafa
Shadi Nabavieh
Justine Phillips
Robert Reilly
Maryanne Restuccia
Niraj-Dev Richardson
Alexandra Robinson
Steve Robinson
Gabriel Rulewski
Giovanna Sacco
Lyndal Simmonds
nicole slarke
Madison Taylor
Liliana Vicente
Kelly Vincent
Sophie Wacher
Stacey Williams
MG Puck

Third Year URLS

Hi all third year Shakespeare Scholars: here is the list of your URLs which I will also be publishing in Blackboard. I will also be putting them into Delicious... so check this out shortly (
Please make sure that I have now got you and that your URL works. In a few cases your URL is an old one and needs updating. In another few cases you have not yet turned me into a "friend" and therefore I can't comment on your entry.
Edith Adams
Alison Aitken
Roselie Arena
Marie Backo
Michelle Brandwood
Rachelle Burness
Anissa Chatt
Susie Cooper
Marc De Laconzi
Carmel Dobson
Nicole Fernando
Tamara Gardner
Matthew Hager
Melissa Jamhour
Rebecca Henry-Whisker
Timb Hoswell
Mariam Ibrahim
Tamara Lewis
Shannon McQuade
Rhiannon Marsh
Dianne Mokdassi
Sara Morrocu
Talitha Narayan
Nouha Noun
Mellissa O’Regan
Bianca Tsimnadis
Jeffrey Victorino
Lada Younes
Noelle Zeitouni