May 9th, 2007

MG Puck

2nd. Yr. LiveJournal Academic Assistants for First Year

Here finally is the fully equipped team of Second Year LJ specialists riding to help all first years to become LJ afficionados (look it up!). Enjoy their comments and help. They are adding real value to the whole LiveJournal phenomena and to the study of literature at ACU. Thank you very much LJAA Team.- Triple click images to get close ups of these wonderful mug shots.

PS Poetry Competition Results are nearly in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep watching this space!!!!!!!!!
Click three times to see these words expand:

MG Puck

Experimenting with poetic form

Suzanne Brooke asked me to comment on her Ekphrastic poem .... I took one of her stanzas and worked on shaping it visually and physically.
Here is her stanza (check it out in context on April 28th:

Staring left and right
Wondering which is better

To stay in the past
To embrace the future

Here is my reworking..... the question is does shape add meaning???? What do you think> TRIPLE CLICK TO SEE THE TEXT IN FULL SIZE:
MG Puck

Another Amazing Poem!

If you want to see someone else's amazing poetic creation- this one using animated, kinetic imagery then check out Rebecca Isgrove's offering (Second year student) at: you will need to click on her electronic text icon.
If you are not on her friend's list click here:
She is happy to share her "secret" methods... what she is doing here is awesome. What do you think?