May 7th, 2005

MG Puck

Captain Bree and Co

I took my daughter Helen to see Captain Bree in the Murray Hall this evening. What a knock out performance. So much energy and enthusiasm; I was thrilled to see so many of our trusted literature students (across all years) taking part, enjoying themselves so much and giving so much enjoyment. What a great way to develop your creativity. Well done to you all... including the musicians.
I am also, I must say ecstatic about what LiveJournal has been producing... now that I am FINALLY getting round to reading the 160 or so contributors... yes I admit it I did a crazy thing this semester enlisting all years (first, second and third) into this adventure... but I am so pleased that I did. It has opened up a whole new world of creativity and interaction that I would never have dreamed of. So much raw creative talent out there amongst you all just waiting for an opportunity to show and express itself.... so many insightful comments, poems, stories... I truly am "stoked" to use an old cliche...
And as I think I have mentioned elsewhere I intend to use LiveJournal to create "special interest communities" next semester, so that we can have the short story writers, the poets, the journalists, the film reviewers, the book reviewers, the kulchur-vultures all contributing to their own communities... and exchanging between them... any thoughts, ideas, experience along these lines would be gratefully received.... over and out... time for lights out!