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Conversations at Curlow Creek

With first and third year we began work on this wonderful book this week- in preparation for David Malouf himself who will be coming in person to our classes next week. Today with the third years I gave a sweeping overview of the key themes in this book, concentrating on the way in which Malouf takes two human beings and explores their essential common humanity despite their social differences. The novel is built around this very clever idea: lawmaker meets lawbreaker in a confined space and during the night before the planned execution law maker discovers that he has far more in common with the lawbreaker than he would ever have anticipated. Like Helen Garner's Joe Cinque's Consolation this book again questions the value of the Law as an instrument for producing a well balanced society.
Prizes were given out today for the best web presentation on William Blake's impact on the modern world: go Mel, Mike and Lisa!!!

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