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William Blake Day

So today with my Blake class we finished our exploration of Blake's poetry and paintings from the early Songs of Innocence and Experience through to the massive late work Jerusalem. Students were a little preoccupied with getting their internet assignments in today: I was amazed to see some of the fruits of this collaborative work. Individually they had to explore a range of internet sites on Blake; collectively, in groups of 3, they had to pool their best resources and produce a web site demonstrating the continuing presence of Mr William Blake in the modern world. They have all definitely graduated from being terrified and intimidated by the web to being power users who know how to get what they want to. And with William Blake as their subject -multi-media artist extraordinaire- they seem to have had a ball. Congratulations all. May the best web site win the promised box of exclusive chocolates!.... and all in the interests of promoting Mr William Blakespeare!

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