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Additional Blog Topics for Week 10

Here are some additional topics if you have run out of ideas.

Australian Lit: Francis Webb: How does Webb manage to champion the life of the outcast in the last stanza of "Harry" in his Ward Two sequence? What strengths does Harry have that we in the world of so called "common-sense" seem to lack?

*Try to write a few stanzas in the style of Judith Beveridge. Chose a simple focus subject (like "Yachts" and see how your imagination sets to work on this idea). 

Twentieth Century Literature:

* Write a paragraph describing our own modern world (in the style of Huxley) that shows how far we have gone down the road to this "Brave New World".

*What one idea in Pinter's Nobel Prize Speech struck you as most relevant for our own times. Use this as starting point for a short review of Pinter's speech

Visionary Imagination:
*Do you think there really are ordinary/extraordinary people like White's Riders in the world around us. Create one in your own mind and write a brief description of their characteristics.

***Remember for your final ePortfolio entries you are going to have a number of peer reviews to include to demonstrate the quality of your interaction with your peers this semester. 

Enjoy your weekend..... get your toboggans out!

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