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Journal Topics for Weeks 9,10 and 11- more to come!

Hi all, we have all been incredibly hectic in the last few weeks (what with conferences and visits from David Malouf). So it is now time to catch up with some ideas for the last few entries of your literature journal for this semester. Here is a selection of offerings- enjoy! There are many things you could talk about in your Literature Journal entries for last week, this week and next week. And remember –as many of you have- that you can always create your own topic: you don’t have to wait for the topics that I post up here.

Australian Literature:
1/ Write a short review of Fly Away Peter.  Say what you found most appealing in the novel and why you think the novel is relevant to our society today.
2/ Write a letter to David Malouf thanking him for his visits. Say what struck you particularly about the way he answered people's questions.
3/ If you came to the Conference Writing the Sacred say what were for you the most important ideas and experiences to come from the conference as a whole. Could you say, simply, what you understand the title of the conference: what does "Writing the Sacred" mean?

Twentieth Century Literature.

1/The last question above would be a good one for you to answer as well. In particular could you say what Prof Barry Spurr added to your understanding of the role and place of T.S. Eliot in 20th Century Literature?

2/We have also been exploring Huxley and Orwell. From your understanding of either or both of these authors could you say briefly why these authors still might be worth reading in today's society? Do any of the themes that you have come into contact with so far, ring a chord with the concerns of our own times (particularly your own times).For example did you take it on the chin when, with reference to Lenina, Huxley says that people can’t survive without having a constant din of noise going on between their two ears! Is that your life? 

3/Does Twentieth Century drama (the play you are working on in your group) still have “bite” for a 21st Century audience? That is to say, is their relevance in its themes and ideas to your own experience?

4/Write a letter to either Huxley, Orwell OR your playwright and discuss with them an aspect of today’s experience that shows they have been wrong in their assessment of what would happen in the future. 

The Visionary Imagination.
1/Could you say how your special seminar with David Malouf amplified your understanding of both the meaning of Ransom and of the function of imagination in a broader sense?

2/If you came to the Conference Writing the Sacred could you say what you learnt about the creative imagination and its relationship to the Sacred?
What questions, did the conference leave you with?  
3/Has your understanding of the nature and purpose of David Malouf's writing changed since you heard him speak (either at the Conference or at the special seminar, or both). 

4/Write a letter to David Malouf continuing the conversation that we started with him. Maybe you would like to deepen the questions that were asked about his religion?

5/What is your sense of the central message that comes through Ransom? What is David Malouf trying to tell his contemporary audience about what really matters in life?


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