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Blog Topics for Visionary Imagination for Week 8: Ransom

So how did David Malouf's Ransom stand up to scrutiny in today's classes? I was impressed by what seemed to be an unusual attentivenessa and an unusual receptivity to his ideas. This bodes well for David Malouf's visit later this week and in the week we get back from our semester break. Please think of questions you might like to ask him about his work and about William Blake. 

Questions for this week: Can you remember any moment in your life where you have been deeply challenged to change the way you go about your normal affairs? Does this help you to understand what takes place in Priam as he confronts the need to reclaim his son's body?

What is it about David Malouf's style that enables him to bring so vividly to life the inner feelings and experiences of his characters? Select one short passage where you think he achieves this and see if you can talk about the creative strategies he uses to make his language so alive. 

Hopefully I will see many many of you at the conference on Sunday. Please register at this address so that you guarantee yourself lunch: http://www.acu.edu.au/about_acu/news_events/acu_events/strathfield/writing_the_sacred/

Also- if you have not yet heard- my ebook on Francis Webb is being sold for a short time (before the conference) for $2.99. The ebook can be read on any mac, pc or ipad (even iphone) with the free downloadable kindle app. 


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