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Blog Topics for Week 7

Hi all, we are moving rapidly towards our conference "Writing the Sacred" this coming Sunday, so please if you have not registered then do so immediately.
Don't miss out! You will gain a great deal of understanding about literature and you will also end up with a free feed! So don't delay. Go to: http://www.acu.edu.au/about_acu/news_events/acu_events/strathfield/writing_the_sacred/ and simply sign up.

We are also calling for more volunteers, so if you have an interest then please email me today: michael.griffith@acu.edu.au

Blog topics for the week past.
(Remember always that you are at liberty to create your own.)
Your blogs are already showing the shape that they will take in your final eportfolio so keep them coming.
And don't forget to do regular peer reviews, because you will be asked to include these in your ePortofolio.
But please be courteous with these.
We have had an isolated incident where students have got into a very heated argument.
This is not necessary and is certainly not what we are about in this exercse.

Specific topics for this week:

Australian Literature: Take a single stanza from Francis Webb's "Five Days Old" and explain in your own words what you think it is saying and how it is using creative language to communicate this meaning. Or: take a single line from this poem and construct your own poem around this line you have chosen. 

Twentieth Century Literature: Say what it is you really like about Dylan Thomas's creative use of language. Take a stanza from a poem or a fragement of the play and explore its linguistic virtuosity. Or: take a single line from a Thomas poem and build your own Thomas-like poem from this. Utilize the kinds of techniques he uses in your own verse. Or: prepare a short on-line kit of resources for Thomas. Remember this week you will have to sign up for an art gallery visit. Check LEO sign up sheets. 

Visionary Imagination: from your reading of Riders in the Chariot so far, say what it is that attracts you to White's mode of creative expression. Take a short paragraph to analyse for this purpose. Or: try to write a short paragraph in the style of Patrick White. What makes his style so distinctive? Work this out by trying to imitate his style. 
[Did you know that in days gone past one of the best ways to induct people into writing was to get them to imitate the styles of achieved writers!}

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