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Great Day at the NSW Art Gallery with the Blake Group

It was a privilege yet again to be in the presence of these original Blake prints in this magnficent gallery space. And the level of interest amongst all who came was astonishingly high. Mr Blake was very thrilled by this continuing engagement with the engravings he produced at the end of his long creative life. And the Book of Job, more than anything else, provided Blake with a deep answer to the questions he had about the meaning and purpose of his own existence. Job's sense of isolation and his intense suffering found their most powerful outlet in the poetry he -Job- expressed as he sang from his heart about the incomprehensible magnificence of the created universe. Read Job 38 and 39 to hear a taste of Job's sense of awe at the mystery of the universe. You find this again and again in Blake's own work, especially "The Tyger". 

Blog topics for this week can include a range of possibilities: reflect on what you gained from your visit to the gallery this week; chose any one of the Blake Job prints and describe it in some detail and say how you see it fitting in to the series as a whole; chose any painting that caught your attention in the Australia section and say how this gives some idea of an Australian artist's attitude to people (this will stand you in good stead as you enter the world of Patrick White). And remember you can create topics of your own: poems, stories, journal entries and images..... enjoy. 

Thank you David for the great images that record our visit. Maybe you can post some onto your site and leave a link here!

Here is the amazing water colour version of  plate 14 above "When the Morning Stars Sang Together". This is the first of three visions that Job receives where God reveals his powers to Job: 


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